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Early Crowding

We assess crowded teeth from as young as eight years, sometimes earlier, usually when the first 2 lower adult teeth start to grow in. If left untreated until all the adult teeth have developed, treatment is much more difficult and may necessitate extractions of adult teeth to resolve the crowding. If these problems are diagnosed and treated early with simple appliances to hold space or even create space, extraction of adult teeth is often avoided.

How to Fix Early Crowded Teeth

There are many simple ways to resolve early crowding, from managing the loss of baby teeth to developing the jaws to make more space, such as expansion as explained above.

A space-holding device keeps the space as the large baby molars fall out and can make all the difference to avoid extracting adult teeth to unravel the crowding of the front teeth.

An unobtrusive removable device to actively create more space, by pushing the back teeth backwards