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Please give a brief description of what concerns you have about your teeth. Then, take pictures as similar to these example pictures below as possible (please try to keep your back teeth together), as well as any more which highlight your concerns.
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Patient Journey

An initial consultation typically starts with taking photos of your face and teeth, which are analysed by Dr Bass before he meets you to discuss your goals from orthodontic treatment. If you are ready for treatment, the next step is to take full diagnostic records, often on the same day.

Full diagnostic records usually include x-rays and digital scans of the teeth. Dr Bass will then carefully analyse these records with the photos and define a treatment plan. He will discuss all the options in a further appointment (or video call), at which the brace may also be fitted.

Digital Orthodontics

One of the biggest developments in orthodontics is digital orthodontics, the use of 3-D scanners and digital models. Our 3-D scanner has almost replaced traditional dental impressions in our diagnostic investigation, producing 3-D digital models. These are combined with digital X-rays and facial analysis for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, and can also be used by Dr Bass to design and produce our own Clearline® aligners.


Appointments are usually 20 – 30 minutes long, although initially two or three longer appointments may be required to put on all the braces. Subsequent visits are generally at five – six week intervals. Most appointments are made at convenient times as far as possible. Some appointments may be by video.

3d Practice Walkthrough

We like to implement the latest technology at our practice, please enjoy a virtual 3D visit to familiarise yourself with our practice and the staff.

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